Bring down your last defence, Feel your innocence. Step into the light, baby hold on thight... Sing, swing, simply, surrender. Enjoy the journey...

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A beautiful Poem on Silence

The waves of the mind demand so much of Silence. But she does not talk back does not give answers nor arguments. She is the


My back to the Source journey in Jerusalem

On my 36st birthday I got an invitation from a dear friend of mine, to come with him to Jerusalem and Jericho for 7 days.

Awakening your inner lover

Your Core Desire

Awakening Your Inner Lover The disconnection of sex and spirit is the single, greatest contributor to low sexual desire, especially for women- Gina Ogden Who

Love yourself

What is Self Love?

What is Self Love? Self-love is a popular term today that gets tossed around in normal conversation. “You have to love yourself more.” “Why don’t

Vibrant and fit women

Do you truly want to feel fit and vibrant?

Do you truly want to feel fit and vibrant? How do we know we are? And how come we are not always able to feel

believe in yourself

Believing in Yourself is the First step to a Healthy You

WHY IS IT THE GREATEST POISON WHEN YOU NOT BELIEVE IN YOURSELF? Sometimes the most toxic relationship we ever get into is the one with