Embodiment of Love


Welcome to The Lotus Temple for all Women on a spiritual awakening journey!

“The Higher purpose of the Lotus temple is to support a whole, healthy and fully flowering woman that embodies the love that is  her deepest essence. The gift of the Temple to the world is the allowing, embracing and giving birth to a fully expressed, divine, feminine essence. We explore and practice being empowered, free and deeply feminine at the same time, holding the vision of a fully realized, awakened female expression on Earth.”

What are the feminine embodiment practices?
They are spiritual & physical practices that embraces and enhances our feminine nature, instead of asking us to transcend or deny it. In this embracing of our feminine nature we are restoring a natural balance between the masculine and feminine within ourselves and in the world. Through the feminine embodiment practices  we enter more deeply into our bodies and life, families and friends, gardens and homes. We no longer have to abandon our childeren, travel to faraway places, go for long retreats or spend lot’s of money on expensive seminars to be enganged in a spiritual practice. (Although sometimes it is fun and inspiring to travel and go on retreats, it is not necessary) The feminine embodiment practices include and embrace our bodies, our sensuality, our anger and strength and our physical beauty, our need to go within and our need to express and share. The practices include being fully present in the deeply feeling awakened feminine heart while raising our children, doing the dishes, digging in the compost, putting on lipstick and sipping white wine in fancy restaurants.

You will discover:
· How to bring more of the feminine aspects of power into your life. · How to increase intimacy and passion in your relationships by relaxing into your feminine radiance. · How to move to a more joyful and peaceful place at will, all the time! · How to embody, and express your own power without intimidating or diminishing others. · How to acknowledge and create what YOU truly want, rather than what you are told you should want. · How a group of women can be your greatest gift of support rather than your competition.

The Lotus Temple Women Circle is inspired by mentors and role models; 
Chameli Ardagh from “Awakening women”
David Dieda “Author of sexual and spiritual relationships”
Tulku Lama Lobsang “Physical and breathing exercises from ancient Tibetan traditions”
Christian Pankhurst “Heart Intelligence circles, top coach of Britain”

What the Women Circles are not? The Lotus Temple is not a place for processing wounds, analyzing ourselves, solving problems, complaining about our lovers, healing our addictions or sharing the stories of the personality. We focus on a larger vast nature of our true self, on the whole group as one feminine divine body and expression. As we exploring new ways of being intimate and nourish each other as women, beyond the words, you discover that those are infinitely more fulfilling and caring than the personality talking and processing. You will instead receive healing energy and you open up the connection to your divine self so that you can more easily move through the challenging and painful areas of your life. It does not mean that you should not go to therapy, counseling or other support groups. It just means that the Lotus temple group serves us in a different way.